About Us

See that lovely photo over there? That's us! We're just a couple of dorks that are madly in love, probably just like you.  Born and raised here in Utah, we're Scott and Shelby Hickenlooper, owners of Hickenlooper Photography.  We have been photographing weddings together for over 4 years now, and are beyond grateful that we get to be a part of something so special for our job.  Photography has introduced us to some of our best friends, and enabled us to see the world while doing what we love.  


Although we are based in the beautiful state of Utah, we've been lucky enough to travel for work in California, New York, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, England, British Columbia, Italy, and Mexico... and hope to see many new places in the future.

You can contact us HERE & see our work HERE.


The Hickenloopers

Timeless Images for the modern Couple

Photo by Braden Young