- The Photo Hangout -

The purpose of this class will be to help you understand how to use a camera to document the moments in life that matter most to you! 

the truth is, photography has given us a gift - we've been able to travel the world, make a comfortable living, document amazing moments & do what we love for work.  in today's digital world, if you understand how to use a camera, you can enable yourself to turn your passion into a successful career as well.  that is why we want to give back & teach others how to do the same.

this class will be donation-based.  Meaning you give what you can.  to some, that might just be sacrificing your time & showing up & we completely respect that!  but if you can donate, it will make the class better for everyone attending, including yourself.

what you donate goes directly toward the class - so it's up to YOU how good this class is going to be.  none of this money is going into our pockets, but into building an awesome class that will bring tons of value to everyone that's attending.